No Experiences.

Here is something that’s spent such a long time inside my head that it feels unreal to be writing about it for public consumption:

  • I wrote a series of poems.
  • Each poem has one @Horse_ebooks tweet in it.
  • I want to print these poems in a little chapbook.
  • I have a Kickstarter project to make this book.
  • You can pledge to this project now.
  • You can begin reading the poems now, too. (If you like reading poems on your Tumblr dashboard, follow No Experiences. I’m planning to post ‘em all there eventually.)

There! With that said, here is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately: how the only real currency we have is our time and how reading and writing are ways of marking time that sometimes seem to change the way it passes. And how the time we spend trying to understand each other is never wasted, and how all the best things I’ve ever read are avatars of that eternal wish to understand. So much writing on the internet is time-wasting, and meant to be so, and I’m trying to turn some of that towards time-stretching, knowing that I may never get there. I want to keep tracking what it’s like to try. So far it’s thrilling: this project has been up for just under an hour, and I’ve gotten more email and talked with more enthusiastic online strangers than I normally would in weeks. I’m not used to being a public internet person, but I’m so excited to see where this goes.